14 Months Old!

Dear Cordelia,

You are 14 months old now, and I can't believe how much you've grown in the past month! You are starting to look like a little girl rather than a baby, and you understand so much. After the past month and a half of teething, we are finally beginning to see consistent glimpses of the happy, independent, and fun baby you were before teeth started sprouting left and right.

You are crazy amounts of fun right now. You wake up happy and give Daddy and me cuddles in the bed before dropping things behind the headboard and bouncing on the bed. It's so fun to watch you test your physical boundaries. You fall and bounce onto the soft bed and snuggle in close for a brief hug or kiss before you crawl away while looking back to make sure we're going to catch you. These moments, mostly on weekends, are my absolute favorite. You are so happy when we're all together, and I can't blame you.

This month, you are understanding so much more! You give kisses, hugs, and pat-pats, when we ask for them. You crawl to your room when I say it's time to change your diaper, or to the kitchen when I say it's time for a meal or snack. You push your hair out of your face when daddy or I ask you to, and it's so cute. You help me pick up your toys, and you choose which books you want to read when it's time for sleep. You have your favorite pages in books that you get so excited to see, mostly when there are ducks or dinosaurs involved. You blow kisses, play peek-a-boo with your hands at your ears or just covering one eye. Like I said, you're a bundle of fun right now.

Blowing Kisses 

This month, you got all of your molars and canines. Yep. ALL of them. It was a pretty rough month. You wanted to nurse all the time, you didn't want to be put down, and you woke up a lot during the night to cry for a couple of minutes every couple of hours. I'm so thankful that you're done teething for now.

This month, you put those molars to use and began to eat nuts. You are obsessed with cashews and almonds and you love the dried cranberries and raisins that come in my trail mix. You are still such a great eater, you eat SO much, and you're transitioning to more and more table food. You essentially eat what we eat now, so the pressure is on for us to have well-rounded and nutritious meals! You love soup and bone broth, and you will eat veggies if they've been in soup, but you have a hard time otherwise. We're struggling to get you to try most vegetables, so if you do have purees, there's veggies in there. You try everything once though, and you love flavorful foods. You love green curry and my can pack away so much of my spicy spaghetti sauce it's crazy. You love tamales, cheese, taco meat, and tomatoes. You started drinking raw cows milk this month, and you seem to like it, but you prefer my milk and water more than anything.

This month, you are still scooting and crawling. You are getting more and more balanced with standing, but you really have no interest in walking. I'm happy to let you develop at your own pace (like I have a choice, ha!), but you get frustrated when I don't let you crawl around in public places. All I'm saying is, once you start walking, I'll be able to let you down a lot more!

This month, you finally said Mama. Thank you. You have so many other words now also, but none of them matter anymore. Kidding. Your word growth has slowed slightly, but I think that's because you're working on understanding more. You now know how to say, cheese, socks, pat-pat, boo, moo, lalala (from Moo, Baa, Lalala), and I'm sure there's more I'm forgetting. Sometimes Daddy asks for a kiss and you say "No!" and then laugh like it's the most hilarious thing in the world and then give him a huge kiss. It is pretty funny.

This month, you still love your ball track, but your new favorite toys are your shape sorter and your push cart. You still get frustrated by your shape sorter because it's a little hard, but you get it sometimes. You love pushing your push cart all around the house and you love to be pushed as well. Sometimes you even push Daddy.

This month, you love every book, but your favorites are Moo, Baa, La La La, How do I Love You?, You are My I Love You, Barnyard Dance, Baby Galileo Sees the Stars, and Mommies and Babies. Basically, you love any books with animals in them, and you love flipping to your favorite page to find whatever you're looking for.

This month, you still take two naps from 10:45-12:15 and 3:00-4:15, and go down for the night at 7:30 and wake up at 7:30 the next morning. You nurse at least 4 times a day still, sometimes more. You are just about getting too tall for your 12-18 month pants, and you're in 18-24 month onesies, shirts, and dresses but some 12-18 month stuff still fits. It's funny, because you've been in 12-18 month pants since  last July, when you were 7 months old.

Next month, I'm looking forward to heading to the snow with you on our first family trip just the three of us! Maybe you'll walk soon, maybe you won't, it's no big deal. I love seeing you learn about the world around you and watching you begin to understand so much.

Sometimes it feels like and overwhelming responsibility to be entrusted to parent you. You are silly, opinionated, loving, and strong-willed, and you challenge Daddy and me to rely on God's grace everyday as we figure out how to love you best.

We love you more each day, and thanks for finally learning how to say my name.