The Past Two Years

Well, life certainly has a way to keep moving, doesn't it? It's been so long since I've been in this space, and that is pretty indicative of...well, life as of late.

In the past two(ish) years we: got pregnant, Stu got a new job,  bought a house in El Cerrito, moved, completed Grad School, gave birth to Anderson, celebrated Cora's 2nd birthday, turned 30, had 10 months of not sleeping for longer than 2 hours at a time, found essential oils,  had two hospitalizations with Anders,  made significant diet changes for Anders, sold our house in El Cerrito, moved to Pleasant Hill, celebrated Anders' first birthday, started Cora at preschool, celebrated Cora's 3rd birthday, continued to search for the source of Anders' skin and digestive woes, and celebrated Stu's 30th birthday.

To say that these past two years were challenging would be one very large understatement. Stu and I have seen fear and despair in ways we never thought possible and we've come out on the other side (mostly). Cora is kind, joyful, sings and dances her little heart out, and is shy as can be at preschool. Anders is clever, daring, silly, and loves his sister with all his heart. He constantly asks about her when she's at school, and their post preschool reunion makes my heart happy every time.

So, why resurrect this blog now? We're about to embark on a major diet change for Anders called GAPS with the hope that this will heal his gut enough so that his whole body isn't flaring with eczema and he doesn't have such severe allergic reactions to food. I want to document our journey of healing, and because social settings around the Bay are so food-centered, I know isolation will follow as a part of this journey. I'm hoping this will be the place where I can process our struggles and triumphs, and where we can celebrate all of the sacrifices our family (and really, extended families also) will make as a result of these changes.

And so, since Anders has yet to be introduced on this blog. (I hope to go back one day and document what I can remember of his first year. Spoiler alert: It's a lot of crying from everyone, a lot of not-sleeping, and a lot of nursing and cuddles) Here's our family of four.

(Please, don't let the bright eyes fool you. Anders had been sleeping in 45 minute chunks this entire week. But hey, we clean up well, right?)