11 Months!

Dear Cordelia,

I have to admit that this letter is late because I have been waiting to get a decent 11 month picture of you. Two weeks into your 11th month and you're only getting faster which means you're only getting harder to photograph. Some of the pictures I took of you are hilarious and only further illustrate my point.

I digress.

Cordelia Lynn, you are so much fun. I can't get over it. I also can't believe that you are eleven months already. In one short month we'll be celebrating your first birthday. Time moves so fast. You are clever, busy, social, talkative, snuggly when you want to be, and you certainly make your opinions known.

This month, you continue to be one crazy social butterfly. You make friends wherever you go. You wave hello, smile, and babble at perfect strangers, and I'm pretty sure you make their day every time. You still say "hey-jo" to everything and everyone and you've developed quite an attachment to your owl lovie. Every time we put you down to sleep you snuggle in close with owl and we've seen you wake up when owl is lost, find it, snuggle right back in and go right back to sleep. When we get you up from your crib you have to bring owl and your purple lovie along. You now know how to say "owl" along with "hey-jo," and there's still no sign of "mama" or "dada," what gives?

This month, you went to your first Big Game at the new Cal Stadium and you had so much fun cheering along with the crowd. Cal lost, but that's pretty standard these days.

Crazy cheering!

Case and point.

This month, you picked out your very first pumpkin and dressed up as a Sea Turtle for Halloween. You loved your pumpkin so much that you wouldn't let it out of your sight on the drive home from the pumpkin patch and daddy had to carry you along with the pumpkin up the stairs. Halloween was so much fun with you! You were the cutest sea turtle ever, and you mostly didn't mind your costume. We went to Walnut Creek to people watch instead of trick or treating and you had a great time looking at all the other kids and wanting to dive into the fountain.

This month, you continued to be a great sleeper and a fantastic eater. You sleep from 7:30pm to 7:30am without waking and you take two solid naps from 10-11:30am and from 2-3:30pm. It's been so nice knowing when you'll sleep and you wake up so happy, talking away to owl in the crib. You love to eat. You especially love black beans, bacon, yogurt, cheese, eggs, and any fruit, but especially bananas. Whenever we are in the grocery store and you see a banana you point to it, say "this!", and then you get pretty upset about when I don't let you have it. It's slightly comical, you know, once you get past the whining part.

Spaghetti squash with Mama's sauce!

Coconut milk green beans

Yogurt with fruit puree

Felix's birthday chili!

This month, you love to play with your books in your room, the farm pop-up toy, balls, blocks, and the wire maze thing. When you get up from your nap you scoot right over to the bookcase and pull out the bins until you find the toy that you want to play with or you point to something when it's out of your reach. It's fun to see your preferences develop!

This month, two more teeth popped through a day or two after your 10 month birthday, bringing you to a total of eight chompers. You are solidly in size 12-18 months in pants, shorts, shirts, onesies and dresses. You're on the middle snap on the cloth diapers, and size 4 throw-away diapers.

Next month, you will be one and we will celebrate what a beautiful little person you are, and how much joy you bring to our lives. So many people are looking forward to celebrating with us and we can't wait to celebrate everything that they have meant to us throughout our first year of parenthood.

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