7 Months Old!

Dear Sweet baby girl,

Seven? Really? Seven months. How in the world did you turn 7 months old a few days ago? It feels like you just showed up yesterday but my heart tells me that you've been here forever. You are getting so big and your precious little personality continues to amaze me. I love discovering who God created you to be and seeing how you interact with the world around you. It's delightful. You're delightful.

This month, we drove down to Southern CA (again!), but this time for a wedding. One of daddy's friends got married so we made sure to celebrate along with them. Marriage is a pretty amazing thing to celebrate! We stayed less than a mile away from Disneyland but we didn't go, sorry baby! We did explore Orange County a bit though. We went to Balboa Island, you spent way too much time in the car, we attended wedding party festivities, and you spent time with your buddy Piper. Mommy was a bit overwhelmed with you though so there aren't many pictures, sorry! You were such a trooper! You also got to swim in the pool for the first time and you were beyond excited. I briefly wondered what you would think about the big bath with the loud kids, but you were in heaven! 

This month, we celebrated what an awesome daddy you have. We spent a good portion of it on I-5 with you being not-so-happy about the car seat situation on our way back home, but before that we walked around Huntington Gardens. You slept most of the time on daddy because you're wonderful like that.

This month, you are turning into quite the expressive little lady. It's clear that you have wants and desires and that they don't always match up with what mom wants or desires. You started protesting when I leave the room, even if it's for a brief moment. You clap your hands when you are excited and it's so precious! You get really excited for mommy and daddy, but your world stops when Olive is in your sight. Although we're still working on your gentle touch, Olive seems to really love you also. She will nuzzle you and sit right next to you as you play with your toys. I have to keep a close eye on you though, because Olive is not a fan when you grab her back or face. Honestly, I think the cat is slightly dumb for tempting fate, but it's really cute to see you interact with her.

This month, solid foods are hit and miss with you. This is unfortunate because I'm pretty certain those calories would help you sleep a bit better at night. One thing is for sure; you don't care for my cooking. I'm not sure if it's the consistency or what, but if you are going to eat something, it's from the packet and it likely contains mango. In fact, mango is about the only thing we can consistently get you to eat. I freeze it and put chunks of it in a mesh feeder and you go to town. Unfortunately, you can't subsist on mangoes alone, so we'll keep trying (and trying and trying) to get you to eat other things.

This month, you have two very cute little teeth.

This month, you have shown very little interest in movement. You sit happily on your blanket with a basket of toys and you take everything out. You can entertain yourself for awhile like this depending on your mood. It's really nice because it means I can have a moment to myself to eat some lunch or cook some dinner, or on really special days, shower. I love that you can play independently, but I also love that your most favorite toys are books. You love books. You clap and pant with excitement when we sit down to read them during the day, and you snuggle in close for your bedtime stories. Your new happy place though? Daddy's shoulders. You are never sad up there!

This month, you started biting me while nursing. Not cool, baby girl, be gentle! You make up for it with your kisses, your snuggles, and your pat-pats though. You are very very sweet. You also put our hand to your mouth when you want to "play" our finger as an instrument.

Oh hey, what's this?

Think they'll notice?
Anybody watching?
Nom nom nom 
This month, you went from taking three naps to taking two naps. We started being more consistent with your bedtime routine starting at 7pm with you (typically) asleep by 7:40ish, and you are (typically) up for the day around 7:30am. You're up a handful of times though, sometimes you're hungry and sometimes you just need help getting back to sleep. Long gone are the days of solid 10 hour stretches of sleep that you gave us as a newborn. What's up with that? You consistently go down for your first nap an hour after you wake up for the day. You definitely nap better when I'm napping next to you, and I generally oblige for the first nap because I'm sleepy too! Your second nap happens around 1 or 2, but it varies from 45 minutes to 1.5 hours. Honestly, I would be okay if you napped a bit more, just saying.

This month, you have become very sociable. You win strangers over with your smiles, your cute cheeks, and your single curl. You are very free with your two tooth smiles, and people often stop to tell daddy or me how wonderful you are. I mean, we already know how lovely you are, but it's nice that other people notice as well! You started riding in the shopping cart this month and you love smirking away at perfect strangers.

This month, we solidly kicked the swaddling habit...well, at night. You are still swaddled for naps, but you break out and still stay asleep. You wear size 6-12 month clothes with a couple of 12-18 month sizes thrown in there as well. Some 3-6 month shirts still fit if they are long enough, but that basically proves to me that baby clothing sizes are an inexact science. You are still on the medium setting of the cloth diapers, and you graduated to size 4 disposables. I'm sure you are at least 20lbs by now, and you are taller than tall! So tall that you grew out of your infant car seat this month and now you have a fancy convertible one that you like much better.

Next month, we'll see what developments are around the corner. I think you have more teeth coming in, and hopefully we can get you on board with the solid food business. Daddy wants you to start crawling, but I'm perfectly happy with you taking your time with that. Next month, we're going camping in Lake Tahoe with all of your grandparents and your great grandma, just like mommy did when she was your age. Get excited, baby girl! 

Excited face!
Cordelia, you are more than we could have ever asked for. You are such a blessing and a joy and daddy and I are amazed that we get the privilege of raising you. We love you, baby bear. 

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