InstaFriday 7.13.12

Happy Friday!

life rearranged

It's InstaFriday time, where cell phone pictures tell the story of our week. A delightful way to remember the little details that make up our life.

Here goes!

I'd been waiting for this week for months now and it's finally here. Just another reason to never leave this neighborhood. Chipotle opened around the corner from our apartment. Helloooo guac!! 

We obviously had to celebrate their opening with dinner. Winning!

Cora has turned her nose up to every homemade concoction that I've created thus far. No solid foods equals less sleep at night for everyone, so I'm all about finding something healthy for my daughter to eat and I longed for her to be excited to eat solid foods, to even open her mouth. So, Big Dipper Baby Food has been a total godsend. I don't know what it is about the consistency, but    she's actually opening her mouth and excited to eat. It's pricey, but dare I say worth it? Local, organic, sustainably grown food for Cora and more sleep for us at night? Oh, it's worth it indeed.

The mentor mom from my mom's group hosted all of us at her house for a pool party. It was an epically hot day so it was perfect pool weather. There's nothing I love more than seeing Cora in the pool, it really is her happy place.

Andrea came over to watch the Bachelorette while Cora napped one lovely afternoon. And then we made the most massive quinoa salad for dinner.

Massive. Note to self: no need to double that recipe.

This is not what it seems. Okay, maybe it is. What can I say? She really liked the noise the pills made in the prescription bottle. She was fully supervised and very happy. 

Stu put Cora down in her crib for a moment while we were picking up the house and we looked over and saw this sweet face. Sweet, silly girl.

I used up my Mother's Day gift from Cora and ventured out on my own and got a pedicure. We're going camping next week for 5 days, so naturally a pedicure was in order. 

And when I got home from my time away, I came home to this sweetness. My two favorites napping. I let them carry on and I took more time for myself and watched an episode of Revenge. That's my kinda day!

That's our week in pictures! I hope you have a wonderful week.
Happy Friday!

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  1. sisi loves to play with pills too! although she's just about able to open the bottles now, so we've moved on to teabags in a big plastic jar. love cora's arm chubs in the pool picture. xoxo