8 Months Old!

Dear Baby Bear,

You are 8 months old already and you are growing into quite the little personality. I love every moment that I get to spend with you, but I also love it when you sleep. This month has been full of firsts and travel for you and you have been quite the trooper through it all.

This month, we went camping at Camp Richardson for five days with Nana and Pops and Grandma and Grandpa. A lot of people thought we were crazy for taking a baby camping, but you absolutely loved it. You slept so well and you loved being surrounded by family, checking out the trees, and playing in the water. You weren't a huge fan of the sand or the super cold lake water, so you played in your special pool that Nana bought for you. Water is most definitely your happy place and you love being up on shoulders as well.

This month, you started to warm up to the idea of solid foods a bit more, but it's still a struggle to get you to eat sometimes. You began drinking out of a sippy cup, and you have mastered picking things up with your pointer finger and thumb. You clap when you are happy, and you just started waving hello and goodbye consistently right before your 8 month birthday.

This month, you turned into quite the social butterfly. You love being around people, and they love interacting with you. Going to the store takes longer than expected now because  people want to stop and talk to you after you've waved at them, or clapped out of pure excitement. Daddy loves going to the store with you because he gets to see that sociable side of you.

This month, we've fallen into a nice kind of rhythm with sleep, though I wish you would sleep more without waking at night. Daytime sleep has been so easy this month, your sleepy signs are clear as day and you rarely fight me as I rock you to sleep. You take two naps, one about an hour after you wake up for the day for about an hour and a half, and another around 1:30pm-3:00ish. You go down for the night around 7:30pm, and you're up consistently to nurse at 10:30, 12:30, and 4:00 and up again for the day around 7:30am. Once life settles down a bit next month, we're going to work on that night time sleep stuff, especially sleeping the whole night in your crib, you've been so spoiled to sleep with mom and dad while we travel.

This month, you have started to get too big for your mini-crib. You sleep totally stretched out and it seems you have no intention of curling up to sleep anytime soon. You wear 6-12 month clothes, with some 12-18 month rompers thrown in there for good measure. You are so long! Your 6-12 month pants are getting too short, but your waist is so skinny that the 12-18 month pants are so loose! Once we get you back into cloth diapers, you'll fill out those 12-18 month pants perfectly. You graduated into size 4 diapers, and you may need to go up a snap on your cloth diapers once we get you back in them.

This month, your hair got so thick and is beginning to get a wave to it! It's this beautiful auburn color, and I can't get enough of it.

This month, you started lunging forward to reach for things while sitting, and you can spin around on your bottom on our wood floors. You can definitely get to what you want, but you aren't crawling yet, which I am so thankful for! Crawling means no more yoga with mommy and while crawling is exciting, I'm sure, let's wait until we've moved at least.

Yes, this month, mom and dad had to find a new place for us to live. We've been incredibly stressed out with everything, and your giggles, snuggles, and kisses have made life bearable this last month. I am so thankful that you are completely oblivious to our circumstances right now. We've had to rely on each other and God this month, and we're so thankful that we have family that will support us when times are rough.

Next month, we're heading to southern CA for another wedding, this time at the Biltmore in LA, super fancy! And then the next week we're off to Portland to see Uncle Scott marry Aunt Coco. And then, we'll be packing up and moving, hopefully to a bigger place across town.

 Cordelia, we love watching you grow and develop into such a joyful little lady. Strangers always ask me if you're always so happy, and I shake my head in amazement, because you are so very happy. I look at you in wonder and amazement everyday and I am indescribably thankful that I get to watch you develop and grow.

We love you baby girl. 

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