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InstaFriday time!

life rearranged

Sometimes when I think about sitting down to write this post I can't really remember if I even took pictures worth sharing or if there were stories to remember. And then I look at the pictures that tell the story of the little things of our life and I can remember. I can't tell you how important that is for me. To not forget the little things of Cora's life, but to also put stories to the pictures in my phone. Amazing.

Cora's obsession with our cat, Olive, continues to grow. Seriously, if either Stu or I are in the room and Olive comes in, we're suddenly chopped liver. It's pretty cute to watch her double-speed scoot to get to Olive, and the cat is really quite patient with her.

We're working on playtime in the crib lately. She's been doing well, and consequently waking up happy and playing until it's time for us to come get her up for the day or from naps. Such an awesome skill to have, and I love a baby who wakes up babbling!

Daddy was working late one day and needed some motivation from his girls. I look strange, but the moment is sweet and I'm trying to get in more pictures. So, there's that.

Last Friday we went to Pixar for an improv show that my friend directed. Cora's been to Pixar many a time in utero, but this was her first time on the outside.

Let's just say that she didn't find a friend in Buzz and Woody.

And I thought she might like them more if I were with her. But no. (Terrible mom, look at her! She's terrified of the lego Buzz and Woody and there I am laughing!)

Don't even ask how introducing her to the Monsters Inc. characters went. Disaster.

Finally, something that she really couldn't be scared of. A ball. A big ball. Except that big lamp that's about to get her. Seriously, she's scared of Buzz and Woody but totally cool with the giant lamp? Whatever, crazy lady.

My dad grew this pumpkin for Cora in his garden. She loves drumming on it.

Cora got baptized this last weekend. Both of our families came into town for the occasion, and my grandma even made it! Not that I have any pictures on my phone documenting there being here. Mental note: take more pictures of family with Cora. Luckily other people had that taken care of, but here are the few from my phone.

Stu's great grandma made this for his mom when she was a baby and both Stu and Keith were baptized in this beautiful gown.

For me, this gown is a symbol of God's sovereignty and faithfulness over their lives. Beautiful.

And Cora pulled it off well.

Saying hi to her buddy Ellena before getting baptized!

This week Cora had her first (and hopefully last) physical therapy appointment. More on that later.

And the summer weather that I've been waiting for all year finally showed up. We took full advantage and went to the splash pad. Twice. We would have gone more, but the fog rolled in after two days. Goodbye summer, it was nice to see you for a little bit. 

We also took advantage of the hot weather and our new deck!

I think a clothesline may be in order.

And warm "summer" night equals a night out on the deck surrounded by candles, complete with a bottle of wine and some ice cream. It was awesome.

Also? I'm fairly certain my child is part monkey. This is how she rolls in her stroller most of the time.

And I (finally) got this in the mail this week! Whee! My old MacBook has been kicking for 6+ years now, was totally out of memory, and couldn't be unplugged from the power source for over 2 minutes. It was time. I'm so excited to be able to upload pictures, try my hand at editing, and have a 2011 version of Microsoft word! (We'd been using a 2001 version. Yikes!)

And that's our week (or two) in pictures! 

Happy Friday!

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