"Summer" in the Bay

"Summer" around these parts typically comes in mid-to-late September, stays for a week, and is then quickly replaced by months of fog and rain. Granted, I'm totally spoiled by the temperate weather that we do have, especially because this year was so mellow during winter. But I still miss the heat of summer. So the key to keeping my southern California heart content, is to enjoy that ridiculously warm week to it's fullest. Just as I was thinking that we fully missed out on our warm "summer" nights this year, the heat rolled in.

Days at the water, bright, sunny days warm nights eating outside, spending time outside in the evenings to stay cool. Delightful.

Stu took a mental health day, and it happened to coincide with one of the most ridiculously gorgeous days in the Bay. It was super warm, so after Cora's first nap, we grabbed Chipotle (naturally), and headed over to the splash pad.

Cora loves the water, and she waved at the park as we ate lunch.

After lunch, we suited up and went to go play in the water. She was cautious at first, but she quickly realized that this place was her version of heaven. Suffice to say, she had the best time.


We may even go back tomorrow sans Daddy.

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