InstaFriday 9.21.12

Our week (or two) in pictures, it's InstaFriday time!

life rearranged

A little comfort food goes a long way when working on sleep. Iced Grande Soy Chai in my home? Yes, please, thank you.

And for the especially bad days? A gluten free cupcake.

All for the sake of this.

Sweet, sleeping baby. She finally got it. I'm so thankful, but oh man it was hard. Thank you, thank you, inventor of video baby monitors, I love you and I owe you my sanity.

One nice thing to come from our new daytime and sleep schedule is a lot more playtime at home. I've been enjoying this kind of forced slower pace of life, but it's been hard to adjust my expectations for what I can get done during the day. But this face is worth it. So, so worth it.

Cora is turning into such a little mischief-maker! All of those shelves are hers, and it's so fun watching her peek into each bin to choose what she really wants to play with.

She loves blocks of any variety, and the aquarium Nana bought her.

And her drumsticks. She especially loves drumming the cat. Which is kind of unfortunate for Olive. You'd be shocked how many times the words "Cora, the cat is not for drumming!" come out of my mouth.

Cora is a natural at playing peek-a-boo. We play all. the. time.

And we spend a lot of time eating. Cora is a big baby and she was pretty slow to catch onto the whole solid food bit, but she's really making up for lost time lately. 

Most meals start out like this...

And end up looking like this...


I'm pretty certain that Cora would be thrilled to live her life eating black beans, rice, and avocado, which isn't such a bad deal. She may look like her daddy, but she takes after her mama in the food department.


Speaking of daddy, we visited him at work this week for lunch. I love it when that works out, so fun!

I'm slowly learning about all that our new neighborhood has to offer, and one of my favorite things is the Tuesday afternoon Farmers Market that's 4 blocks away. I'm loving getting to know all the new different vendors. We found the best avocado man and we'll continue buying his delicious avocados even if they are slightly overpriced and not exactly local. They're from Camarillo though, which is where I grew up, so that's fun. And they're the most delicious avocados I've ever tasted, so that has to count for something. 

I've been slightly unimpressed with the color of the egg yolks that I've found so far, but the rest of the produce has been awesome. I made this dinner with the bounty. I even impressed myself.

Wilted chard, polenta, roasted tomatoes with a balsamic reduction and a farm fresh poached egg.Yum.

Overall, it's been a great week. Sleep is under control, Cora is happy, I'm in the kitchen more, we're getting ready to paint Cora's room, and I'm getting my school assignments done. It's full, but so fun.

Happy Friday!

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