InstaFriday 9.7.12

InstaFriday time! Getting back into the rhythm of life after moving and traveling, which means posting instagram pictures more often. Fun!

life rearranged

I had a few pictures left over from our trip to Portland a few weeks ago for my brother's wedding. My grandma came along on the trip and it was so fun to just have an extended amount of time to spend with her outside of the holidays. I loved listening to her sing to Cora in the mornings. I wish I got more pictures of the two of them together. Next time!

Uncle Scott, Cora, and Great Grandma!

Scott and Coco's wedding was delightful. It was a beautiful warm Portland night, and the reception was in their backyard. Wonderful and mellow.

We went to Multnomah Falls on Sunday, Cora was thrilled on Grandpa's shoulders. (Check out her face, crazy lady!)

I'm not quite sure what we were thinking booking a 6am flight out Monday morning, but Cora was a champ. She slept in the Ergo right until her normal waking time, hung out on the plane, and then fell asleep in the ergo on the Bart ride home. Champion!

Old rainbows. New rainbows. I think it was time, no?

We finally cleaned out the remaining stuff from our apartment and said our official goodbye. Stu was showing Cora the spot where she slept on her first night home. She was excited.

New digs mean frequent trips to IKEA. IKEA, however, is my nemesis. Frienemies at best.

Don't let this picture fool you. Cora hasn't spent a single night in her new full-sized crib. Or sleeping at all, really. But when she does sleep for approximately 2 hours at a time, it's in our bed. For now. Stinker.

And so, Dream Baby Guide it is. Unfortunately it's 700 pages long. 700 pages and no sleep? Can someone give me the cliff notes, please? Anyone?!? No, but really. We're starting on Saturday after approximately one month of reading and preparation. Wish us luck! Sleep baby, sleep!

And I seriously need sleep because classes started up for me again this semester and I need to keep my eyes open for this. Inthralling, no? Believe it or not, I'm super excited for this semester. Lots of practical experience, working with students, learning from a brilliant professor. Love.

But not as much as I love this face. It's weird that I miss her for the few hours that I am in class? Who can resist?

Speaking of this little one, it seems like we've turned a corner in eating recently. She's all about anything that I'm eating, and she gets really excited for meal times. Better "late" than never! I'm thankful for a good eater, even if it got off to a slow start.

Stu took off his Labor Day for moving, so he had to work on Monday. Cora and I went to join him in the city for lunch. It was a perfectly beautiful day in the city. So glorious.

 And then, just like that, I have a 9 month old. I seriously don't know how that happened.

 So stinking cute. Love her!

Happy Friday!

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