Insta"Friday" Photo Dump

Life has been nothing short of crazy around here, so the iPhone pictures have been piling up. I'm so thankful that I get to have my camera in my pocket and for these grainy pictures.

And so. I present to you, the month of (mostly) August in cell phone pictures.

SF Half Marathon: 1. Expo 2. Finished (!!) and met up with Paul for breakfast 3. Staying warm and cheering daddy on at the Golden Gate Bridge. 4. Picking up the bib.

Arya and Saman's wedding: 1. Daddy and Cora at the Biltmore. 2. Fancy pants. 3. Crazy baby. 4. Beautiful!

1. Boxed wine at a gas station rest stop. Makes sense, right? 2. Stretch break along the I-5. 3. Demanding baby. 4. A bittersweet goodbye to the Hansons as they move to Boulder, CO 

Portland Trip! 1. My hip grandma in her ikat print eating Apizza Scholls. 2. Stu studying for the PE on vacation. 3. My engineer husband also does wedding hair. 4. I love watching my dad melt over his granddaughter. 

Scott and Coco's Wedding: 1. The happy couple. 2. Family Photo. 3. Sour face! 4. Peer pressure. 

Portland Trip: 1. Multnomah Falls. 2. Family! 3. Tall Baby with Grandma. 4. Scooting along. 

 1. Propellors...interesting. 2. Bye Bye Portland. 3. Early morning flight. 4. Oh, we must be home, there's the fog!

 1. Rocking out with her maracas. 2. Waving hi! 3. Sweet, clean baby. 4. 12-18 month outfit.

 1. Sitting like a lady. 2. "I'm gonna get you!" 3. Checking out her shadow. 4. Little drummer girl.

1. "Hi!" 2. Drum like daddy! 3. Bath time happy. 4. Sleep time hand hold.

 Saying goodbye: 1. Changing table view. 2. First nursery wall art. 3. Hello from the mini crib! 4. Empty apartment.

 1. "This is where you first slept!"  2. Daddy and Cora saying goodbye to her first home. 3. Favorite toys. 4. Up to no good! 

1. Bright eyes and wispy curls. 2. Checking out her new full-sized crib and new bedding! 3. Opening game at the new Memorial Stadium, too bad we lost. 4. Go Bears!

Whew! I can't believe it's September already! Now that we're moved I'm hoping to get back in the swing of blogging again.

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