Cora's First Dodger Game

We were back down in southern California again this past weekend for my Grandpa Wilber's memorial. One bright moment of this weekend? Cora got to meet her Uncle Scott and Aunt Coco for the first time!

With grandpa's burial on Friday and memorial on Saturday, our family wanted to go to a Dodger game and eat a Dodger Dog in his honor. I honestly believe he wouldn't have had it any other way.

It was really rainy and cold all day Friday, but we were determined to go and to sneak a sign in honoring grandpa. We drove down to the game in two cars, and Stu, Cora, and I had to stop off at Michelle's to get some Dodger gear for the game. Cora has a Dodger shirt. Her parents? Well, that's a different story.

Funny story: When we were almost to the stadium my dad called to let me know that the tickets he bought were actually for Saturday, not Friday...oops! My mom also totally got caught with the sign, but Coco was successful.

My dad quickly scalped some killer seats, and we sat freezing our butts off, eating Dodger Dogs, telling stories of grandpa, and watching the Dodgers win. It was a wonderful way to remember. We were laughing, telling stories, and remembering. Most importantly, we were together.
Bundled up, Scott in Grandpa's jersey, Contraband sign

Dodgers Win!, 7th Inning stretch, What Up?, Awesome seats, Cora and Grandpa

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