T-Ball Game and City Living

This weekend we went to go see Lenny play in his T-Ball game. We've been meaning to go all season, but between the multiple trips to southern CA, rainy weather, and other random stuff, this is the first game we got to see.

It was super fun to see a bunch of slightly uncoordinated 5 and 6 year olds playing baseball.

As we transition from being a married couple to a family, it's so fun to see all of the different sides of the community open up. Living in a big city can be isolating and our age group in the bay area can be quite transient, so today was a wonderful reminder that there are people who stick around and raise their kids here.

Sometimes it's hard living in a place where people only stay for a season. It is a constant challenge to resist the urge to not invest in someone because you know they might be moving in the next year or so. But living life with that kind of trepidation won't serve us (or anyone!) well in the long run. I'm choosing to be thankful for the people that I can connect with that are in my life right now instead of focusing on who will be leaving and when. Because although I know that people will come and go, I don't know who will decide to stay.

Martin peeking in on the game

 It might not be the suburbs that we grew up in where neighbors know each other by name and intend to live there indefinitely, but we can intentionally seek out community for ourselves and for Cora through getting to know our neighbors, through church, and eventually school and other activities. I love this city by the bay and I'm excited to grow more connected to the community as a result of Cora. I'm just learning that it has to be an act of intentionality, not of convenience, and that's fine by me.

Lenny dancing with "Princess Droolie"

It's worth it.

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