Cora's First Easter

Easter is easily one of my favorite holidays. I love the liturgical lead up to it, the self-reflection of lent, Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and then Easter. Holy Week services help to prepare my heart as I attempt to grasp the depth of God's love for us, the tremendous sacrifice that Jesus paid on the cross, the betrayal, the crucifixion, the darkness, the burial, and the everlasting redemption. Amen.

Figuring out church and holidays is different with an infant. Last year, I looked forward to the Holy Week services as a way to prepare my heart for Easter. This year, it was a challenge to make it to church and a disciplined effort to pay attention while sitting in the foyer with Cora. It certainly would have been less complicated to stay home for Ash Wednesday and Maundy Thursday, but these are things that I want Cora to grow up knowing and experiencing, so we made it a priority. Perhaps next year we'll make it to the Tenebrae service. I was sad to have missed that service this year; I find it difficult to truly appreciate the joy of Easter without the darkness of Good Friday.

Easter morning was rushed, and we made it to church about 20 minutes late. Oops! Oh well. It was wonderful to revel in Jesus' amazing sacrifice for us and to celebrate grace and redemption. First Pres (our church) does the Hallelujah chorus every year and it's so beautiful! Cora did well and looked so cute in her Easter dress.
Pardon the blurry picture.

After church we headed to brunch and an Easter egg hunt at the Gustavsons. It's so fun to have a family around to celebrate holidays with since our families aren't local. The Gustavsons have truly become our Bay Area family here, and we love spending time with them and watching their boys grow. Lenny was sure to share his treats with baby Cora.
Easter Egg hunt!

After brunch we came home and got some obligatory Easter pictures. 

We went a little crazy. 

Cora was clearly very interested in her eating her basket! We wrapped up the day with a wonderful dinner with the Lincolns. The day was a beautiful way to celebrate God's amazing love for us.

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