Adventures in Eating

We bit the bullet and gave Cora her first solid food last week. I wanted to wait until she was 6 months old because let's be honest, solid food is messy, way more complicated than nursing, and I'm slightly lazy. But Cora was ready, and so I had to get on board and give up my exclusive claim to her nutrition.

I readied myself by reading up on first food recipes, research, etc. I bought a couple of cookbooks that will take us into her toddler years. My hope is that she will grow into a fabulous eater and eventually eat what we eat, so I chose books and recipes that are not only nutritious, but that are appealing to us as well. I'm a big fan of Wholesome Baby Food's website, and I got both The Petit Appetit and The Baby & Toddler Cookbook for recipe inspiration. The Petit Appetit cookbook is by a local Bay Area author and has a forward by Alice Waters, so how could we really go wrong?

I don't want food to be a battle. Afterall, we live in the Bay Area! People in southern CA golf to schmooze their clients, but in northern CA? We eat and we eat well. I'm looking forward to growing a little foodie, and I know that feeding Cora will challenge both Stu and I to take a look at what we put in our bodies as well.

It was a toss up between the sweet potato and an avocado for her first food. The sweet potato won.

Cordelia watched as I cooked.


So, I peeled it. Cubed it. Tossed in in the Babycook. Pureed it. And mixed in a little breast milk.

She loved it.

Four days later, we introduced avocado, which is by far our favorite fruit in this house.


Way more interested in the bib

She was indifferent. We'll have to work on that. Because I'm pretty sure she's not allowed to be in our family if she doesn't love avocado. And we love her too much to disown her.

Who couldn't love this?!

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