Lately, I've been searching craigslist for our next apartment, getting frustrated, trusting that something will come along, going to see apartments, not liking them, liking them but not being able to afford them, losing hope, but loving coming home each day to our home. It seems that with every new place that I see, I gain a better appreciation for our wonderful walkable neighborhood, the beautiful character that comes with living in an old building, and our view from my rocking chair as I nurse and rock Cora.

I know this space isn't going to work for us forever. We will eventually grow out of it and we'll either get really lucky and find an equally awesome place in the same neighborhood for a comparable price, or we'll have to make compromises. A backyard for Cora or nearby playgrounds.  A neighborhood that's not quite as walkable but is more affordable. A place with character or modern amenities.  I'm just not ready to make those compromises yet, which I suppose means that I'm just not ready to move our family.

So until then, we'll enjoy being two blocks from the Farmer's Market, one block from Dave and Andrea, around the corner from tempting, delicious restaurants and Starbucks, a 1/2 mile from the lake, John Yoo and the Crandalls, in a gorgeous neighborhood that we love. In a one bedroom apartment with a closet as a nursery.

After all, Harry Potter grew up in a closet, right?

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