InstaFriday 5.18.12

It's Friday again, which means it's time for a phone photo dump! InstaFriday is fun because it lets me tell the story of our week through the iPhone pictures that would fallen into the picture abyss. Most of these pictures are edited with #vscocam, check them out!

life rearranged

My first Mother's day was a ton of fun! Cora was a hit at the dim sum restaurant and had fun sitting in her first restaurant high chair. Cora and Stu spoiled me rotten, and I'm super excited to schedule my massage at the Claremont someday soon. My favorite part of the day was our family nap though. Those moments are the best. 

Love this B/W edit through #vscocam
We took pictures to send to our moms for Mother's day, but these sign pictures are becoming more difficult as Cora becomes more aware of things. It's funny to see come up with things to make her look at the camera. 

Cora and I stuck close to home this week, we took a long walk along the Lake Merritt. It was so pretty out.

 I saw this man pushing his wife along the lake and on our way back I saw them just sitting next to each other chatting, looking at birds, and reading. It was so sweet! 

Miss Cordelia finally fell asleep as we were walking, but had a death grip on her pacifier. Seriously though, how cute is she? Her eyelashes are pretty spectacular. 

Lazy mornings in bed are the best. Sleep and breaking the swaddle has been an uphill battle around these parts this week, so we spent most mornings napping next to each other before the day really got started. 

And what would a week be without stuffing diapers every other day? 

Teething pain has been coming and going this week, along with my typically happy, easily comforted baby. So, we're trying out being hippies for the time being with the amber teething necklace that came in the mail Thursday. Jury is still out on if it works or not, but at least it looks super cute! 

Oh, the exersaucer. I was totally against getting one of these monstrosities because our space is so limited, but seriously? Look at that face! She loves it and I melt. Well, that, and our door jams were far too wide for any of the door frame jumpers. Ah, old buildings. 

 We spent our Thursday night driving along I-5 on our way to southern CA for the weekend. Stu has a bachelor party to attend in Ventura, so I decided to tag along and visit the grandparents in Camarillo. This wasn't such a bad nursing view though. What was bad is that 4 hours into the trip we weren't even half way there, stuck in a stinky cow town, trying to calm a very grumpy baby. 7 hours later, at 1:15 am we were back in Camarillo. Oye. 

And the week wouldn't be complete without a dive bomb kiss for daddy in Starbucks. 

Happy Friday! 


  1. she really IS gorgeous! my baby also got the lashes i always dreamed of, and i secretly want to put mascara on them just to see how long they can look. but that would bad.

    1. Funny, I was just thinking about how killer her eyelashes would look with a little mascara, and then quickly realized that mascara is so not made for babies...but still. ;)